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At, we recongnize the most valuable resources on our planet are not actually on our planet.

The most valuable resource of light and heat comes from the sun, and helps to create many other underused natural resources like wind generation and hydroelectric power.  This solar energy can and should be harnessed in much greater ways than it is today.

To reduce the burdens on the environment, mankind must learn to save energy and to use it more rationally, as well as to grasp and use the most important natural source of energy - the sun - as the source for our planet's energy supply.

This site has been created to help you learn about solar planning, designing, and to offer you resources for finding alternative energy products that you can use in your solar planning.

In short, our goal is to be your online resource for everything solar.

We have been studying solar energy and the solar industry for nearly 25 years (since the mid 70's).  This site has been founded by Mike Kraft of Denver, Colorado, and Jonathan Kraft of (all over) Colorado, and is updated on an ongoing basis, as changes in the energy industry make changes on this site necessary.

With that in mind, if you have anything that you would like to see us add to this site, (from solar panels, to ideas for wind farming and composting), we would love to hear from you. Please contact to let us know of your solar-related idea.

If you would prefer to contact us via snail mail, our address is also listed on the contact page.

Thank-you for your visit and be sure to check out our solar home design plans.

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