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The price of oil, and other conventional energy sources, look like they are going to continue to go up indefinitely.  The American way of life is, and always has been, independence.

  • Why do we continue to rely on other countries for oil? 

  • Why do we continue to rely on power companies for electricity and fuel?

Solar energy, fuel cells, and other sources of renewable energy, are our future.
You can:

  • Become more independent

  • Help your children be more knowledgeable

  • Make a contribution to the larger good

Check out the products listed below They will help you in solar designing, understanding solar concepts, and building your solar lifestyle. 
You will:

  • Take part in improving the environment

  • Reduce your energy bills

  • Help Americans become less dependent on large companies and foreign oil

You can do all of this with no real disruption to your everyday life.
Join the solar lifestyle!

Solar books
Learn before you do.  These books are an awesome collection to help you learn and understand solar concepts before, during, and after your solar construction.
Solar Models
Look at everything in miniature before you actually do it in real life.  Includes lots of kits and models for solar energy and alternative energy ideas!
Solar Panels solar energy and solar products coming soon!
Collecting and storing the sun's energy is made easy through solar panels!  Learn about them and purchase them for less here!
Solar Storage  solar energy and solar products coming soon!
Okay, so you have electricity or hot water.  Now where are you going to hold it until you need it?
Inside the home
Inside the home, there are many things you can include which will help create more energy efficiency and let you use the sun's energy.  Check this section out to save some money!
Outside the Home
There are lots of things you can do outside to include solar power.  From lighting to fountains to traffic signals, this section includes lots of outdoor solar help
Wind Generation  solar energy and solar products coming soon!
Wind is a resource that has only begun to be tapped.  We really can benefit from learning how to use this resource.
Fuel Cells
One of the latest and greatest up and comers on the alternative energy scene, fuel cell technologies can improve the cost of energy dramatically.
Too much sun?  solar energy and solar products coming soon!
Solar power is a good thing, but too much sun can be harmful for your health.  Check out this section for excellent sunglasses, sunwear, sunscreen, and other sun protection.


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