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The Turkish Copper Solar Birdbath

The Turkish Copper Solar Birdbath

Cascading water in this handmade brushed copper solar birdbath is powered by a quiet hidden pump when exposed to direct sunlight. The birds will love it, and so will you as a beautiful solar fountain

This exclusively designed solar birdbath has a handmade Turkish brushed copper bowl with a German-made solar cell that powers the quiet hidden pump when exposed to direct sunlight. Water bubbles gently upwards or, with the included extension, sprinkles down from above, enticing your favorite birds to enjoy a solar bird bath while eliminating standing water that could become contaminated with bacteria or insects. The copper bowl will develop a patina over time, but can be polished to prevent this effect if desired. Water is re-circulated through a filter. Wrought iron hand-forged black base. Requires no wiring; simple assembly. 32" H x 19 1/2" Diameter. (19 lbs.)

The Turkish Copper Solar Birdbath





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