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Solar Powered Radio HeadphonesSolar Powered Radio Headphones
This compact headset combines lightweight comfort and full stereo sound with the convenience of an internal AM/FM radio tuner powered by a paper-thin solar-charging film, originally developed for use in space.

Eliminating the need for batteries, this flexible lightweight and shatter-resistant solar film is more durable than conventional solar panels. Without the cumbersome handheld unit connected to a long, dangling wire, these headphones are completely self-contained, allowing the listener the freedom to jog, exercise, fish, read, work in the garden, and more, without becoming tangled in their own audio equipment.

In sunlight, the solar film charges continuously, even while the radio is playing, and when the unit is switched off, all power generated by the module goes straight to charging the included NiMH batteryŚwith a full charge providing over 20 hours of play time.

A powerful antenna provides clear reception while extended bass gives superb sound quality. Specify Blue or Gray.

  Solar Powered Radio Headphones






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