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Solar MolerSolar Mole Repeller

Check out this Solar-Powered Mole Repeller. (It's also known as the Solar Moler.)  This will drives out moles, voles, mice, etc. etc. etc.!

The electronic rodent control of the solar mole repeller is safe for pets!

Simply place the waterproof, 13--long, polymer tube into the ground, or in an area where you want electronic rodent control and/or mole removal, and rodents will be on their way.  Rodents just cannot tolerate that constant underground vibration! The solar mole repeller produces a penetrating, two-second pulse at 30-second intervals, over an area of about 7,000 sq. ft. (approx. 47 radius)...drives them crazy!  The solar mole repeller is powered by a NiCad battery for day and night operation. 

The battery for the solar mole repeller is recharged during the day by the above-ground, German-engineered solar panel.  You will need to replace the battery every three years, but when charged, the solar mole repeller works both day and night.

Easily stakes into ground for installation and removes for lawn maintenance.

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