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Solar power Mosquito Inhibitor and solar LightSolar Powered Mosquito Inhibitor and Light
Never before has an outdoor centerpiece had so much to offer: this compact device works as a solar-powered light/table lamp and a mosquito repellent that inhibits mosquitoes for 100 square feet, freeing your deck or patio from this constant summer nuisance.

The lamp hides a small fan that distributes the patented chemical linalool, an apricot scent that prevents mosquitoes from detecting humans, and that is twice as effective as citronella candles or DEET.

Sturdy ABS plastic houses the fan, included scent cartridge, and the soft amber solar-powered light, which recharges during the daytime and turns on automatically at night. The lamp used along with the linalool-dispensing fan can run up to 12 hours or 15 hours when using only the light.

Totally weather resistant, it is safe to use on a table, near food, and around children. Includes one 14-day inhibitor cartridge. Runs on two NiCad rechargeable batteries (included). 10 H x 9 1/2 Diam. (2 1/2 lbs.)

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