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Solar Powered Fountain catches solar energy and uses it for the fountain effect - copper!Place-Anywhere Solar Powered Fountain!
We think that this is perhaps the coolest solar powered fountain product that we've seen.  This solar fountain requires very little to no set up, looks great, works perfectly, and demonstrates an extremely practical application of solar technology.

The copper solar fountain is powered by sunlight gathered in a solar panel.  This highly portable solar fountain sets up easily wherever desired without the need for any outlet or intricate wiring installation. Using the finest solar technology available, the solar panel is made by the same manufacturer that provides panels for the Parliament building in Bonn, Germany and New York’s Penn Station solar refurbishment.

The solar panel has an extra long cord that allows it to be placed up to 15’ from the fountain: it can be positioned out of the way, leaving only the softly bubbling fountain in view, or set up for optimal solar collection while the fountain rests in shade. If desired, an optional AC power cord (included), can be used to run the fountain indoors or on cloudy days.

The sturdy cast iron-coated stand holds a copper pitcher, three small bowls, and a larger bowl that gently pour water from one container to the next in a soothing cascade. Easily disassembled for storage or transport to another section of the garden, the copper bowls simply lift out of the frame.

The integral solar fountain pump rests unobtrusively in the large bowl, which recycles the water in a constant stream. The copper‘s distinctive patina will attain a verdigris appearance over time. (It can be cleaned with cotton cloth and copper polish to prevent this effect, if desired.) 22” H x 15” Diam. (26 lbs.)

Place-Anywhere Solar Fountain





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