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5 Watt Solar Powered Battery Charger 5 Watt Solar Powered Battery Charger

The BatterySAVER PRO5W prevents deep-cycle and larger 12V batteries from self-draining and helps ensure that expensive replacement batteries are not required. The BatterySAVER PRO5W compensates for natural battery voltage losses and small electrical drains by sending a constant trickle of energy to the battery.

Great for use with batteries that are seldomly used or in storage - such as with antique cars - boats - RVs or cottages. Also used with deer feeders - farm equipment - electric fences and gate openers. 5 watts rated power at 15 volts operating voltage.

Weatherproof Includes 10 ft 16-gauge wire Built-in diode for reverse current protection Handy battery clamps and mounting screws.  Learn more and purchase the 5 Watt Solar Powered Battery Charger

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