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Fuel cells car as a kitFuel Cell Solar Car and Experiment Kit

The Fuel Cell Solar Car Kit is a Winner!
The Parents Choice Foundation
2002 Silver Award

This solar car kit makes 30 distinct experiments, including a solar car that uses solar power, and a fuel cell, to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis, and then runs on the resulting energy.

When presenting its award, the Parents Choice foundation noted that the versatility and educational potential of the kit, saying "Wow! .. The (fuel cell solar car) kit is a highway to fun!"

Experiments cover: electrolysis and its effect on water; how to construct and load a reversible fuel cell; decomposition of water in a fuel cell; and many others.

Kit contains all necessary parts and tools, and a lab manual the only additionally required component is a quart of distilled water. 5 1/2" H x 5" W x 8" L (1 lb.)

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Fuel Cell Solar Car and Experiment Kit






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