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Current Financial Resources for Renewable Energy in Vermont

Vermont has few financial incentives to promote renewable energy. REV is working on legislation that would create new incentives for Vermont homeowners and businesses to install renewable energy systems. Check out our Legislation page for the latest information on possible future incentives.

Solar & Small Wind Incentive Program
The program provides incentives for qualifying solar electric, solar hot water, and small wind systems. $581,000 is available for this incentive program. The Renewable Energy Resource Center (RERC), a project of the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), will administer the incentive program and provide consumer education and support services.
More Information:
Web: The Renewable Energy Resource Center

Net Metering
REV has been working on making Vermont's net metering law more effective in promoting renewable energy. Net metering makes it easier and more cost-effective for Vermonters to generate their own electricity. Net metering requires electric utilities to permit customers to reduce their electric bills by generating their own clean power using renewable energy systems. Any excess power they generate is fed back to their utilities, actually running their electric meters backwards!
More Information:
Web: VT Dept. of Public Service's Net Metering Page

Sales Tax Exemption
REV was successful in getting the sales tax exemption for renewable energy equipment expanded to include solar hot water systems and off-grid PV and wind systems. Therefore, beginning July 1, 2002 all PV and wind energy equipment, as well as all solar hot water equipment, will be exempt from Vermont's 5% sales tax.

Sun Rise Program
Burlington Electric Department's Sun Rise program provides home and business owners in Burlington with technical assistance, project management and financing for solar hot water and PV systems.
More Information:
Call: Chris Burns, (802) 658-0300
Web: Burlington Electric Department

Citizens Utility Co.
Citizens Utility Company has recently launched the Solar VT program, offering financial incentives for the installation of qualified solar hot water and photovoltaic systems.
More Information:
Call: RERC hot line 1-877-888-7372.

Vermont Energy Star Homes

Vermont Energy Star Homes is a state-wide program promoting energy efficient new construction. Direct financial incentives are available for homes meeting specified criteria, and renewable energy systems can help a new homeowner meet the program's five star standard.
More Information:
Call: Jeff Gephart at 800-893-1997
Web: Vermont Energy Start Homes

Energy Rated Homes of Vermont (ERH)

Energy Rated Homes of Vermont (ERH-VT) rates homes for energy efficiency and works with Vermont lenders, real estate professionals, builders, home buyers, sellers and utilities to promote affordable, energy-efficient housing throughout Vermont. ERH also works directly with the Renewable Energy Resource Center to help promote and rate homes with renewable energy system.
More Information:
Call: 802-865-3926 or toll-free 1-800-639-6069
Web: Energy Rated Homes of Vermont

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The Vermont Solar Energy Guide was originally published by the Vermont Department of Public Service in 1993 under former Commissioner Richard P. Sedano. Almost ten years later, having fully entered the digital age, we have posted here so that it may continue in its original purpose: to teach Vermonters and others how buildings can capture the sun's energy.



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