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Rhode Island

A solar electricity system on a school not only provides clean, renewable energy but offers exciting hand-on educational opportunities for students. On this website, you can find information about some Rhode Island schools and buildings with solar electricity systems. You can see how much electricity each of the schools' systems is producing. You can also learn about how solar electricity works and link to many other websites with useful background information. Our website provides teachers with lesson plans we have developed and links to other places to find curriculum materials, hands-on activities on solar energy, and kits and solar parts for classroom projects.

The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund initiated and funded the solar schools project in Rhode Island, as well as this website. Solar Works Inc designed and installed the schools' solar electricity systems. The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association developed this website and provided teachers in the Rhode Island schools with training and curriculum materials on solar energy.


Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund

The Rhode Island Renewable Energy Fund (“Fund”) is dedicated to increasing the role of renewable energy in Rhode Island’s electricity supply. Renewable energy technologies harness the energy in sunlight, the wind, biomass (growing plant matter and organic wastes) flowing water, waves, tides, or the heat of the earth, to make electricity in a cleaner and more sustainable manner than sources we have traditionally relied on in the past. And they are available now.

The Fund, administered by the Rhode Island State Energy Office, has programs to help homeowners, businesses and institutions in choosing and purchasing clean energy systems, such as wind turbines and solar photovoltaic (“PV”) systems and electricity products available without leaving your current electric utility. See below for more information:


Installing a renewable energy system

To find out more about rebates for solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy system installations for homes and small businesses, click here.

Choosing clean electricity

Homeowners and small businesses can choose a clean energy product from any of the four companies doing business in Rhode Island, without leaving your electric utility. Visit www.CleanEnergyRI.com for more information.

Businesses and Institutions

Installing a renewable energy system – The Fund provides support for solar photovoltaic installations at businesses and institutions through a competitive Request for Proposal (“Solar Photovoltaic Funding RFP”). Click here for more information on the Fund’s C&I PV program, or a copy of the RFP. The Fund can provide support for a feasibility studies and cost sharing of on-site wind turbines, hydroelectric facilities, and systems which produce electricity from ocean energy and sustainable biomass on a case-by-case basis, subject to availability of funds and the approval of the Advisory Board to the Fund. For more information, contact JaniceM@gw.doa.ri.gov.

Choosing clean electricity

The Fund can provide cost sharing for the incremental cost of clean electricity for your building. For more information, click here.


The Fund has a Solar on Schools program, under which participating schools receive a 2 kW PV system and curriculum to support using the PV system as a teaching tool. For more information, click here.


If your non-profit organization conducts outreach activities to the public in the environmental arena and has a highly visible site, the non-profit may qualify for special incentives for installing a renewable energy system and providing clean energy education and outreach, subject to availability of funding and approval of the Fund’s Advisory Board. For more information, contact JaniceM@gw.doa.state.ri.us.


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