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Solar Energy in Pennsylvania
An interesting fact that most people find surprising is that in June, Pennsylvania receives just as much solar radiation as South Florida. To learn more about this
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Renewables technologies have been making slow but steady inroads in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Pennsylvania has a small but growing solar infrastructure. The state has a history of solar hot water heating dating back to the 1970's and 1980's, and recent studies show that the majority of system owners are satisfied with them, reporting them to be not only low maintenance but also highly reliable. Furthermore, examples abound of more recent cost-effective installations of solar hot water heating systems in states with climates similar to Pennsylvania's, such as New York, Vermont, Wisconsin and Oregon.

Pennsylvania is one of several states that have created universal service funds, also known as public benefits funds or universal systems benefit funds, through restructuring legislation. The funds support low income rate assistance and conservation programs, as well as renewables research and development. However, Pennsylvania's is the only law that has included renewables in its definition of universal service, as follows: (Section 2803. Definitions, Electricity Generation Customer Choice and Competition Act). "Universal service and energy conservation: "Policies, protections and services that help low-income customers to maintain electric service. The term includes customer assistance programs; termination of service protection and policies and services that help low-income customers to reduce or manage energy consumption in a cost-effective manner, such as the low-income usage reduction programs, application of renewable resources and consumer education."

The Pennsylvania Low-Income Renewables Pilot Program will provide low-income households with access to reliable, proven, cutting-edge renewable technologies. The technologies to be implemented in this program should not be directly compared to traditional weatherization efforts. The goal of this effort is to build an infrastructure now so that low-income households will have access to this technology in the future.

Pennsylvania utilizes
U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program Funds to support leveraging activities. The Leveraging Project, operated by the Commission on Economic Opportunity assists community-based organizations in developing additional resources for sustainable/ renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements.

This encouragement of renewables development is based on a widespread perception, shared by many states and the federal government, that the time is right for renewables. The federal government has encouraged and funded renewables development through a variety of initiatives, including the Department of Energy's (DOE) Million Solar Roofs Program. The DOE has pointed out that renewables can: reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil, improve air quality, address climate-change concerns, expand international economic opportunities for American energy-efficient and renewable-energy technologies, and save taxpayer dollars.

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