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For more information on Oregon renewable energy incentives, the DSIRE database is excellent and normally up to date with the latest info. Go to their website and click on Oregon state.

Oregon Renewable Energy Incentives

Oregon offers a wide variety of incentives to promote renewable energy installations. Renewable energy like solar, wind, and micro-hydro offer significant benefits to Oregonians including cleaner, local energy supplies and increased local jobs. See the links below to see how these incentives can save you money. If you have additional questions contact a renewable energy professional listed in the Oregon Solar Directory© to explain how you can maximize the incentives listed below.

Oregon State Tax Credits

Oregon state offers tax credits for many renewable energy installations. Up to $1500 on solar, wind, or micro-hydro installations can make your RE project more affordable. See this link for more information.

BPA Bright Way Solar Thermal Program

BPA offers solar thermal incentives for heating hot water and pools through the Bright Way™ program. This program is offered through your local utility. See this link for more information.

Oregon State Loans

The Oregon Department of Energy provides loans for renewable energy installations. See this link for more information.

Energy Trust of Oregon Solar Programs

The Energy Trust has several programs for solar energy available to PacifiCorp and PGE customers. See this link for more information.

BEF Green Tags

The Bonneville Environmental Foundation buys Green Tags from homeowners with solar electric systems. Several conditions apply to qualify for this program. See this link for more information.

Net Metering Law

Oregon's net metering law allows you to connect your renewable energy system to your local electric grid. This enables you to 'spin your meter backwards'! See this link for more information.

Federal Incentives

Currently there are federal tax incentives available to businesses. Rural development funds are also available. See this link for more information.

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