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North Dakota

Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Programs

Solar Technology

The promise of limitless and inexpensive energy from the sun has been with us for as long as most of us can remember. Unfortunately, while significant research and development has taken place, and progress has been made, the reality of solar energy in many ways has not lived up to the promise. There is no question, however, that with sufficient research and development funding and a national commitment towards clean, renewable solar applications, this huge energy resource can still be realized.

Solar technology simply makes use of sunlight to generate electricity, provide hot water, or heat, cool and light buildings. In North Dakota and elsewhere, the major applications are photovoltaic electricity generation, passive solar design and daylighting, and solar thermal and hot water heat.

Below is a brief listing of solar activities supported by the ND Dept. of Commerce/Division of Community Services (more detail on these and other activities will be provided in the coming months):

  • Photovoltaic lighting systems for signs at Cross Ranch State Park, Turtle River State Park, and the State Hospital in Jamestown;

  • A photovoltaic water pumping system at the Cross Ranch State Park;

  • A demonstration project on solar thermal and hot water systems for homes assisted by the ND Weatherization program;

  • Passive solar designs for homes constructed by the Bismarck State College carpentry program; and

  • Sponsorship of solar race teams from the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University


The following internet sites provide useful information on solar applications:

U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Solar Energy Industries Association

American Solar Energy Society

Florida Solar Energy Center

Renewable Energy Policy Project

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