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The New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) is a educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, dedicated to promoting solar energy and related sustainable practices. NMSEA was one of the first organizations in the country to seek methods and ideas on how to use renewable energy, how small villages could live sustainably, and how to empower people through education about these issues. We are currently an all volunteer organization in our 28th year. Our membership includes a diverse group of citizens including interested advocates of solar energy, architects, building contractors, engineers, educators, and planners specializing in renewable energy and sustainability.

Purpose of the Organization
The purpose of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association is to further solar and related arts, sciences and technologies with concern for the ecological, social and economic fabric of the region. The Association serves to inform public institutions and governmental bodies, and seeks to raise the level of public awareness of its purposes.

History of the Organization
NMSEA is in its 28th year, and was founded in 1972 when Peter van Dresser, Steve Baer and Keith Haggard held the first Life Technics Conference.  In the 1970's NMSEA grew in membership, began publishing an educational paper, "The SunPaper", and continued to hold an annual conference.  In 1976 this vibrant group established NMSEA as a non-profit corporation.  From 1977 to 1982 NMSEA had staff and outreach offices and library with the help of federal funding. After 1983 government support and public interest for renewable energy faded quickly.  NMSEA stayed active by continuing to hold the Annual Life Technics Conference at Ghost Ranch, but did not have the funds to continue publishing a newsletter nor hold workshops.  In 1994 "The New Sunpaper" blossomed as a quarterly, and now is being published bimonthly.  In the last five years NMSEA has increased its membership five fold, and has raised funds for educational programs through grant writing and hosting events. NMSEA has hosted a national level technical solar conference in each decade, and has hosted a solar home tour every fall for four continuous years.  We are a volunteer based organization working individually out of our homes.  Education of children has been our primary focus the past five years.  We have visited hundreds of classrooms and several summer camps, built the SunChaser2 (a mobile solar classroom), reestablished the High School Passive Solar Competition, and have developed a renewable energy curriculum.

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