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Solar power at the Gold Dust ApartmentsNorthWestern Energy Teams Up with Missoula Non-Profit to Install Largest Solar Electric System in Montana
MISSOULA, MT — Downtown Missoula’s newest affordable rental housing opened its doors in February. The Gold Dust Apartments, developed by Missoula-based nonprofit homeWORD, offers 18 units at affordable prices in a centrally located area within walking distance of downtown attractions and public transit.

The Missoula-based architectural firm, MacArthur, Means & Wells, which specializes in sustainable planning and alternative building techniques, designed the Gold Dust Apartments. Along with the sixteen-kilowatt solar electric system which will produce more than one third of the electric energy supply for the building, the Gold Dust offers 23 energy-efficient and sustainable features. The solar electric system was designed and installed by Solar Plexus of Missoula.

Solar power at the Gold Dust Apartments in Missoula, Montana. The apartment complex features such energy-efficiency and sustainable features such as in-slab radiant concrete floors, high efficiency fluorescent lighting, Energy Star clothes washers and gas-fired clothes dryers, water conserving plumbing fixtures, wheatboard cabinets and recycled materials throughout the property.

The Gold Dust received support from NorthWestern Energy in the form of a grant from the Universal System Benefits Fund for energy upgrades, including the solar electric system, energy efficient lighting, and energy efficient washers and dryers.

For more information on the Gold Dust Apartments, contact Ren Essene: 406-543-3550.

Habitat for Humanity Puts Sun to Work

Habitat for Humanity isn't just concerned about putting a roof over peoples' heads, now it's putting those roofs – and the sun – to work in making the homes more efficient, according to a copyrighted story in the May 25 Montana Standard.

Standard reporter Janine Jobe writes that about 10 homes around the 900 block of Nevada are being fitted with state-of-the-art solar systems that will actually be putting energy back into the power grid.

The systems were part of a grant from NorthWestern Energy and cost about $9,000 apiece if volunteers do the installation.

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