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KCC Report: Cost Effective Solar Power in the Heartland

A new Cost-Effective Solar Energy Report, Solar Energy Symposium, Renewable Energy Fair and Solar Cars & Bikes Races were all promoted in mid-May by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). In addition to the KCC promotional efforts, the Kansas Citizens’ Utility Ratepayer Board (CURB) also featured the events in the May 2003 CURBside News.

At the KCC Energy Program, Solar Energy Symposium held on May 15, 2003, for farmers, ranchers, homeowners, teachers, corporations, and local and state government agencies Jim Ploger, KCC Energy Programs Manager said "The objective was to demonstrate that solar cells are a viable source of energy for powering many different types of electrical devices.”

Other sponsors included the U.S. Department of Energy, Kansas State University Extension Programs, Heartland Solar Energy Industries Association, and Heartland Renewable Energy Society.

Topics covered at the symposium are also available in the recently released KCC 94-page report, Cost-Effective Solar Power in the Heartland, authored by Dr. Gale Simons, Emeritus Professor at Kansas State University and Bill Roush, President of Solar Electric Systems of Kansas City, Inc. The PV applications found to be cost-effective in the report are:
• Small-Battery Charging Applications
• Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems
• Cabin Power
• Cellular Call Boxes
• Cathodic Protection
• Fans and Vents
• Fence Chargers
• Gate Openers
• Lighting
Area Lighting
Marine Beacons
Outbuilding Lighting
Sign Lighting
Yard Lights
• Marine Power
• Original Equipment Manufacturing in Consumer Products
• Recreational Vehicles
• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems
• Traffic Control
• Transmission and Distribution Sectionalizing Switches
• Utility Grid-Connected Solar Panels
• Water Pumping Systems
Low-Volume Water Pumping
Medium-Volume Water Pumping (livestock water pumping)
High-Volume Water Pumping
• Solar Hot Water with Solar Electric Pump Power

The 6.1 MB Solar Power report can be downloaded on the KCC Energy Programs web site.

An example of the report's findings is a Kansas inventor of a solar-powered water pump, Buddy Armstrong, who was featured in an April 6 Topeka Capitol Journal article “Inventor Touts Bright Idea.”

Other Kansas Solar Energy Events in Mid-May

The solar symposium at the KCC also coincided with the annual Formula Sun Grand Prix, the Solar BikeRayce and the Heartland Renewable Energy Fair.

The Formula Sun activities were held at Heartland Park Topeka. The Formula Sun Grand Prix features a three-day race of full-size PV Cars, built by college and university students in the United States and Canada on May 14-16. See Topeka Capital-Journal article on the Kansas State University team solar car entry.

On May 18 some 35 teams participated in the annual Solar BikeRayce, a 100k race featuring PV charged electric bicycles, many from high schools throughout the country.

The Heartland Renewable Energy Fair was also held May 17 at Heartland Park Topeka. This all-day event featured the latest information on a variety of renewable sources from various alternative fuel vehicles to Solar Do-It-Yourself. The Annual Meeting of the Heartland Renewable Energy Society, a chapter of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) was also held the same day. The primary focus of the fair was public education and promotion of environmentally safe, sustainable energy.

Finally, David Springe, Consumer Counsel for CURB, also noted in the May CURBside News that the consumer agency is working hard to launch its first web site

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