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Idaho Solar Program

The Idaho Energy Division maintains the state's Solar Program, offering assistance to Idaho citizens and companies interested in taking advantage of solar technologies for space heating, water heating, power generation and more. The program provides solar technology information at renewable energy fairs and workshops throughout the state. It also conducts training for electricians, engineers, installers and dealers in the design and safe installation techniques of solar power systems. Publications on solar applications and information on low interest loans are also available through the division. We are proud to be co-chair of the Idaho PV4You Solar Working Group promoting solar energy uses in Idaho.

Idaho PV4U Solar Working Group

The Idaho PV4U Solar Working Group is comprised of representatives from federal, state and local governments, utilities, renewable energy advocates, solar power industry representatives, environmental organizations and Idaho citizens interested in the development of solar energy projects in Idaho. Our goals are to:

  • Advance the understanding of PV technology, its benefits, and cost-effective application.

  • Facilitate the development and installation of highly educational and highly visible PV demonstration projects.

  • Encourage and support the initiation of PV service for customers - "Electric Service Without the Wire" by utilities in Idaho including investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives and municipal electric utilities.

  • Encourage and support other potential users of PV technologies, including federal agencies, state agencies, local government and other users.

  • Explore government legislation, policies, regulations, and incentives to increase the utilization of PV technology.

Mission Statement

"Promote the cost-effective utilization of PV as an energy source through a collaborative process among major stakeholders in Idaho. "

General Information

Idaho Photovoltaic Strategic Plan and Operating Guide

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