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Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Hawaii

Mauna Lanai Bay Hotel Roof with 100kW of PVThe Mauna Lani Bay Resort's first 100 kilowatt photovoltaic system (100 kW DC, 75 kW AC) was installed in May of 1998. The PV cells are mounted on insulating roof tiles, which reduces heat gain through the roof and reduces the air conditioning load. (This means that the PV tiles help in two ways: they produce electricity AND help save electricity!) The project was partially funded by the Utility Photovoltaic Group. Components are from the PowerGuard system and installed by PowerLight Corporation. The system is rated to withstand 140 mile per hour winds. Time from contract to completion was 5 months; actual construction took 2 weeks and testing took one week. Expected energy production is 423 kWh per day. Measured roof temperature reduction was over 60 degrees (from about 160 to about 100 degrees) Farenheit.

A second photovoltaic system (110 kW DC, 83 kW AC) was installed in January of 1999. The PV panels are on the maintenance shed for the golf course, and the power is used in the maintenance buildings as well as in the clubhouse. Some of the golf carts have also been outfitted with PV panels, and allowing them to operate for several rounds in a row without having to be plugged in! The specially-outfitted golf carts were used by the likes of Arnold Palmer during the 1999 Senior Skins tournament at the Mauna Lani. The Mauna Lani is shown on the energy map, Hawaii island, site number 11.


Aerial View
Aerial view

Panels photo 1
Panels #1

Panels photo 2
Panels #2

Panels photo 3
Panels #3

Solar golf cart
Solar golfcart

Installed in 2001, a 250 kW PowerLight system at the Mauna Lani Resort (their fourth large PV system) will provide power for irrigation of the resort's two golf courses. Also, 122 of the Mauna Lani's golf cars are SunCaddies: they have PV panels on top, to help charge the batteries for extended play time.

The combined total of the four systems is over 500 kW, making Mauna Lani the largest resort user of photovoltaic electric energy in the world.


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