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Colorado Renewable Energy Society

CRES Action Plan for Colorado

Overall Goal 

Steer Colorado's energy dependence toward renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to achieve the following objectives: 

  • supply reliability

  • price stability

  • good power quality

  • affordability

  • economic development

  • job opportunities

  • public acceptance

  • maximum security from supply disruptions

  • minimal adverse health, safety, and environmental impacts.

Specific Goals 

  • Increase the contribution of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Colorado by 2010 to the following levels:

    • 20% of our energy needs through energy efficiency

    • 10% of our energy needs through renewable energy sources

  • Allow no net increase in power plant emissions of smog forming chemicals, mercury, and particulates.

  • Support legislation to minimize CO2 emissions.

  • Promote increased federal funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Continue and expand current CRES activities:

  • the annual Colorado Renewable Energy Conference (CREC)

  • monthly information meetings on a variety of relevant topics

  • the CRES monthly member newsletter and CRES website,

  • active intervention in public policy arenas, such as IRP hearings and legislative matters 

  • the Denver Area Tour of Solar Homes 

  • the Building Awards program

  • information and training workshops

  • meetings with Colorado Congressional, Legislative, and Executive representatives urging support for specific items of federal and state legislation

  • participation in events, such as the Parade of Homes and Earth Day.

  • developing coalitions with other organizations.

Undertake new initiatives in the following five areas

1. Commitment 

CRES adopts the attached Declaration for Sustainable Energy Use, which members are urged to sign. This is a call to CRES members to make commitments to action-speaking corporately as CRES and individually as citizens and consumers.

2. Policy 

A. Promote National Energy Security
We advocate distributed systems as a way to reduce vulnerability to disruption of energy supplies because distributed systems are 1) inherently resilient, 2) small in scale, and 3) rely on dependable resources. 
CRES advocates that Colorado policy making bodies promote the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean energy fuels as a means of decreasing vulnerability.

B. Establish an Energy Security Fund
CRES advocates an "Energy Security Fund*." This requires Colorado utilities to set aside 1% of the revenues from all retail electricity sales to finance programs designed to achieve the stated goals.

C. Recognize goals
CRES advocates the adoption of a "Renewables and Efficiency Portfolio Standard*." This requires Colorado utilities to achieve these goals by 2010: 

  • Avoid 20% of our electricity needs through energy efficiency.

  • Generate 10% of our new energy generation using renewable energy.

(Note that we prefer the term "Energy Security Fund" to "Systems Benefits Charge". CRES does not take any position on the issue of utility deregulation. We do advocate a Renewable Portfolio Standard and an Energy Security Fund independent of "utility restructuring" or deregulation of the electric power industry in Colorado.)

D. Identify public preferences
CRES advocates requiring utilities to query users, using rigorous scientific polling techniques, to determine their preferences regarding energy sources.

E. Promote business
CRES advocates an investment tax credit to assist renewable and energy efficiency business development.

F. Inform energy users
CRES advocates statewide disclosure by utilities-to inform their customers where their utility-supplied energy comes from-coal, gas, hydro, oil, wind, solar, etc.

F. Establish standards
CRES advocates statewide adoption of the International Energy Efficiency Code.

G. Expand Net Metering
CRES advocates statewide approval of equal tariffs for on-site electric generation and use.

H. Foster Rural Development
CRES supports improving economic conditions in rural areas by increasing the use of regional renewable fuels to supply energy to the State. 

3. Member information

A. Work with the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association and others to develop and maintain a list of designers and suppliers, available to members through a publication and the web site. This includes architects, energy consultants, installers, and suppliers of both renewable and energy efficiency. 

B. Publicize a calendar of events of interest to CRES members.

4. Public education

A. Secure funding to develop and implement an educational support program within Colorado schools that have installed PV systems.

B. Promote our existing prepackaged presentations and implement the speakers bureau program.

C. Increase media exposure. Contact reporters, hold public events, gain exposure on public television, hold expanded tours.

5. CRES Funding

Increase the CRES budget, through donations or projects, to fund a larger staff. This will provide the personnel support for our largely volunteer efforts required to carry out this action plan.

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