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The Alabama Environmental Council (AEC), is a 501 c-3 educational and grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Alabama’s natural environment and health.


Since its inception, AEC has worked to build environmental awareness, promote the wise management of our natural resources, and ensure the protection of Alabama’s diverse natural heritage. Founded in 1967, AEC has been instrumental in the creation of innovative environmental projects that have had far-reaching impacts on the environment and communities throughout Alabama for over thirty-seven years.


Organization Profile

The AEC is a statewide, membership organization with a paid staff of five. A Board of Directors from different economic levels and geographic areas of the state governs the organization. The Board of Directors meets quarterly and as needed. An Executive Director supervises the organization. The Executive Director supervises a program coordinator, an administrative coordinator, and a recycling center manager.


The membership is approximately 1000 people and is representative of all areas of the state. The membership represents a variety of socio-economic levels and cultures.  The membership also helps to execute programs at a local level through chapters. The volunteer chapters are located in Huntsville, Fairhope, Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. The president of each chapter is represented on the Board of Directors.


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  • Alabama Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs. Montgomery, AL (334) 242-5292

  • Alabama Environmental Council. Birmingham, AL (205) 323-4434

  • Alabama Solar Energy Center, University of Alabama, Huntsville, Phone: (800) 874-3327

  • Southern Research Institute



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